Oh my goodness! I’ve just found the most amazing art history website I’ve seen in a while, and I’m pretty picky, I have to say. Plus, if it’s related to something you’re supposed to be writing a 20-page paper on, it’s not procrastinating, right? Anyway, the website is, and though it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while, it’s absolutely a treasure trove of Vermeer goodies. My favorite part is the virtual museum (although they don’t call it that) of all of Vermeer’s works of art in scale with each other. A truly wonderful use of the internet—most of Vermeer’s works are much too fragile to travel far, and most will probably never travel out of their home museums, so being able to see them all like this is just awesome.  (Almost as good as the real thing, though there is nothing like seeing an actual Vermeer!)

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